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Hi ladies! We had the pleasure of featuring Kelley Hughes & her business Smart Divorce Decisions at our previous event & what she is doing for women is SO impactful & special! Divorce is never an easy thing to go through & hopefully most of you never will have to go through it but if you do for any reason I encourage you to reach out to Kelley to see how she can help! Below is some information for you on the services you can expect from Smart Divorce Decisions.

One of the hardest parts of divorce is understanding the financial impact on your future—where you’ll live, how you’ll afford your lifestyle, how you’ll support your children’s lifestyle needs and college plans, and how you’ll need to prepare for your retirement. Traditionally, people getting divorced seek advice from family law attorneys to understand their rights and protections. It’s just as important to seek advice from a financial expert who can help you determine the right assets to keep and build a plan to help you be financially stable. The standard approach most often used by attorneys for dividing assets during divorce doesn’t always set up both parties for financial stability. My thorough approach to dividing assets can help you achieve stability before, during, and after your divorce by protecting your cash flow and your liquidity. Here’s how I can help you:

Pre-Divorce Planning I can help you prepare for divorce by getting your financial information organized and building an exit strategy prior to the negotiations.

During-Divorce Negotiations I can help you understand the financial impact on your cash flow and wealth-building opportunities at each stage of the negotiation process and make recommendations to help you come to a settlement that meets your priorities and your needs.

Post-Divorce Planning I can help you develop a savings strategy – a design for your cash flow that fits your lifestyle needs – and create a plan for overall financial stability going forward after the divorce is finalized. Your post-divorce financial plan will give you confidence about your future and empower you to make important financial decisions.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with everything on your financial to-do list? My team can help alleviate the pressure that comes with organizing your finances for your attorney to prepare for divorce proceedings. Instead of shouldering it all by yourself, you can trust our financial experts to ensure that your pre-divorce and post-divorce planning is completed with an effective and efficient process. I can relate to you. I have personally experienced divorce, which allows me to better understand the process my clients are going through, the multiple decisions my clients face all at once, and their multiple priorities. I strive to develop lasting relationships with my clients and support them through any challenges they may face in the future. I help my clients establish new goals for this second chapter, and together, we can leverage your goals with smart financial advice to make you feel financially confident for years to come.

Check out my blog here. I’ve shared some of my own personal solutions to some of the challenges I’ve experienced since my divorce. I’ve also shared information that’s helpful to consider as you’re dividing your assets. I don’t charge for consults, so schedule some time to review your situation and see how I can help here.

Please reach out to Kelley on her WEBSITE or by using her BOOKING PAGE.


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