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Southwest, Florida

Meet the Director


Kayla Parkinson

Hello, SWFL! I can’t express how excited and blessed I am to be the LLN Community Director for this area! I was born and raised and have spent most of my life here, outside of some time in North Florida and Mississippi where we were stationed for my husband’s military service. 


I have a super smart and chatty 6-year old little boy (who keeps me on my toes) with my incredible husband of over a decade. I have a history in HR Management and Business Administration, mostly in Senior medical care, for 8+ years including during the pandemic. It eventually led to burn out and not being able to make the personal life change for others that I craved. The desire to help people on a deeper level inspired the journey of becoming a Certified Health and Certified Life Coach came to be. I now “get to” coach women individually, in group programs, and through digital courses coming soon! I have been running my own coaching business full-time since 2021, specifically helping Mom’s create + honor healthy boundaries and learn how to take back their time so they can cultivate a life of intention around what matters most while removing guilt, sacrifice, and chaos. I guide from my own lessons learned and education and I see the blessing in that daily.

I also have a servant heart for survivors of any sort. Personally and through my business, I honor and support anti-trafficking organizations and associated rehabilitations in hopes to make a little or massive difference every day. 


I look forward to every interaction and event with you ladies! I can’t wait to connect, encourage, and inspire women in all stages of life, to live out what it means to be in community with each other. It’s exciting to create environments where women can feel comfortable and not see each other as competition but with compassion and fuel to each other’s fire. 


I’m a firm advocate that “our time can work for us, not against us,” and I believe that bringing all of you ladies into a “room” full of life and wisdom, will be an invaluable use of it. 


I’m so grateful that I get to experience this with you! Let’s go and grow!

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