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Houston, Texas

Meet the Director

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Angelica Bryant


My name is Angelica Bryant and I am the Community Director of the Houston Chapter of the Ladies Lifestyle Network!! –LNN DESCRIPTION- A little about me. I am a mom/bonusmom to 3 boys; one in high school, one in elementary and an infant. With no family nearby, we are BUSY BUSY! I grew up surrounded by women owned small businesses, have many friends with small businesses and I'm in the development stages of my own business! 

In the meantime, I work full time as a data analyst/engineer in the oil and gas industry. I moved to Houston for work in 2015 and to be honest I wasn't thrilled BUT I have since fallen in love with living here!! There is so much to do, see and learn in this beautifully diverse city!

Supporting other women in business and entrepreneurship is something that is very dear to my heart. Bringing the Ladies Lifestyle Network to Houston was an easy decision and I can't wait to see this wonderful community grow and thrive!

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