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Charlotte, North Carolina

Meet the Directors

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Kacey Johnson

Author and Podcast Host


Kacey is on a mission to inspire women and moms to “go for it". Her motto has always been, “your network is your net worth” and she is a master at cultivating community and supportive women’s environments! She is the founder of Ladies Lifestyle Network and has been in this space for over a decade! Nothing brings her more joy than elevating and highlighting the women around her, and giving them the confidence to share their story. When she is not writing, hosting her podcast or creating for LLN, you can find her at home with her 3 children and partner Tyler, hitting the charlotte food scene or growing personally with her favorite podcasts and books!

Kristy Kuhl

Speaker, Mindset and Success Coach


Kristy has always been obsessed with personal growth and achievement. She walked away from a decorated corporate career in medical device sales leadership over 5 years ago because she knew she had an even bigger calling to impact millions of women around the globe.  She is passionate about finding, developing and sharing ways that women can lead a more fulfilled, joyful and successful life. Her motto is “Yes, You Can” and she lives to teach you how to elevate your mindset, achieve greater results that stick and skyrocket the impact you make in life! And time….nothing pains her more than wasting time so as you can imagine, she has a lot of tips on how to hack your calendar and free up more time for the things you love! In her free time, she is an advocate for the voiceless (animal rescue), never passes up the chance to hear live music (preferably in cowboy boots), explore a new town or a new restaurant!

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