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NuBody = a NuYou! Get to know the Lady behind Nu-Body Solutions!

Susan Brooks is the owner of Nu-Body Solutions here in Greensboro, NC. She was the Sponsor for our February event in case you missed it!

Let's get to know more about Susan, her business, and her experience as an entrepreneur...

Did you always want to be, or see yourself in the Med Spa space?

I can think back to when I was about 7 years old.  I always wanted to help people. You see,  I grew up with an overweight mom and back in the 70s and early 80s people were VERY cruel and rude to people that were overweight.  My mother was ridiculed behind her back and always treated differently and it really bothered me.  I knew at that moment, I wanted to make a difference to someone that needed help with controlling their weight and losing weight.  I wanted to grow up and be that person that would explain things.  I wanted to be kind to others. I wanted to show love, support and cheer folks on when they needed it most.  My mother was always on a diet or a weight loss plan.  She would gain and lose and gain and lose.  She never could maintain her loss.  So, I knew I wanted to own a weight loss center to help all of my clients lose weight and teach them how to keep it off! I decided to get a business degree with a minor in nutrition.  Not many years after I graduated, I got into the weight loss industry! I quickly became an owner and throughout thirty years I have been working in this industry, we have evolved to help our clients with all kinds of needs and wants from head to toe.  I had NO IDEA it would lead to a Weight Loss MedSpa.  But, for 10 years, I helped people with all of their nutrition needs with one-on-one coaching and personalized programs.  Then I moved into our current location 20 years ago and everything evolved and progressed!  Each year, we just kept adding new services and products.  Our clients have enjoyed being able to do so much under one roof.  We brought in skincare, spa services and detox treatments first.  Then, about 15 years ago, started body contouring.  We were the first in Greensboro to offer laser body contouring and noninvasive lipo alternatives! Ever since then, we had added new services and products to stay up to date and competitive within the industry.  My first focus has been on each and every client.  We know everyone has different goals and budgets.  So, we wanted to have as many services offered that can help people as much as possible!


What specifically about NuBody Solutions sets your business apart in this industry? 

Honestly, I think it’s the personalized service.  People don’t need a cookie cutter program or treatment plan no matter if it’s for the body or the skin.  So, we talk with our ears and customize any and all services based on what clients are trying to accomplish. We have such a variety of services, but our business is broken down into 3 main departments.  We offer weight loss nutrition programs including functional medicine, medica grade skincare/spa services and noninvasive body contouring lipo alternatives.


What is the number one service that NuBody Solutions provides?

Most people that come in want to get rid of belly fat!  We mostly serve women, but about 10 % of our clients are male.  We do offer 3 different lipo alternatives for bellies alone!  But, the one service that is most commonly requested and used is NulipoEx!  This is the only service out there that targets both subcutaneous and visceral fat while tightening skin at the same time and treats the whole stomach are including love handles, it’s not just treating a small spot area.  We use heat to treat and produce collagen so the skin is tightening.  It’s so much more effective than cavitation.  We can help clients that have very little to lose or clients that are very obese with Nulipo Ex.  This service has no BMI limit!!!  So everyone loves it!  We can really take off some serious inches!


Which part about your business that lights you up the most?

My favorite part and saddest at the same time is when people reach their goals!  I love seeing the before pictures and comparing them to the after pictures!  I love looking at their initial measurements and comparing to the end result!  We get to see clients on a weekly basis so it is so fun to watch them all shrink before our very eyes!  I absolutely love it when people realize that here we want to teach them about food!  We want them to understand what truly is good for them and what is bad.  And since everyone has different medical conditions, we design programs that are right for each individual.  We want to make sure clients know what foods are best for their bodies with their medical issues or for their health concerns.  I have thoroughly enjoyed showing people how to lose weight and teaching them how to keep it off!


Do you have any advice/tips for women wanting to start their own business?

Do what you love and it’s not work.  Write out your vision. Set goals for yourself for 1 yr, 3 years and 5 years. And, Be ready to put in LOTS of hours and lots of blood, sweat and tears!  Hang in there!  It takes time.  But, if you are passionate about what you do,  offer a great product or service, and you give exceptional customer service for a price accepted in the current area and you follow through with your clients or customers…you will succeed!  And, make sure you have 3 to 6 months worth of bills in the bank beforehand!


What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship and start NuBody Solutions?


I knew that’s what God wanted me to do.  He closed certain doors and shoved me into this one.  I learned a long time ago to listen to Him and to be prepared for the unknown.  God knows my heart and of course knew it back then and well,  and it was time!  I have always been a good follower and a good leader.  And when you own a business, you need to be good at both.  God gave me a vison.  I came up with a business plan and started, but God had a better plan.  And His ways are so much greater than ours and I listened and here we are! He even told me EXACTLY where He wanted us to be located!  We have been very happy with our location now for the past 20 years!  And, I always give 1000 percent.  So, no matter what I do, I do my very best and I have to let God do the rest!

Unleash the best of you in 2024!

NuBody Solutions offers a variety of spa treatments, medical grade skincare services, laser skin treatments, 10 noninvasive lipo alternatives and 3 weight loss nutrition programs including functional medicine! We can help you reach your goals!

Call us; we accept HSA, Flexible Spending cards, all major credit cards and offer interest free and extended payment options through Care Credit! 336-389-0001

for a FREE consultation! Check us out at


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