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We’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Gabriella at our Experience events before and just have to share her awesome fitness business Bliss Fit with our community! We asked her some juicy questions to give us all some insight on how and why she got started in this industry and how she maintains her family/work life balance! Be sure to check out her out on Instagram @BlissFitClt where you can sign up for her newsletter, grab a mindfulness workbook for moms and check out other fun resources!

1) Did you always want to be in or see yourself in the fitness space?

Absolutely not. That has surprised a lot of clients when I tell them that I actually started off hating exercise growing up. It felt like I was punishing my body and I constantly felt like I was never good enough. My relationship with exercise did not get better until I realized the following 3 things:

1. There are so many options out there in regards to exercise, it is not just lifting weights but it can be yoga, hiking, gardening, swimming, playing frisbee etc.

2. Exercise can be fun!

3. I do not have to be sore the next day for it to count, nor do I need to be ready to pass out after the workout for it to count.

I realized I had put exercise in a box and only what fit inside that box was what I considered “quality”. Once I realized that it is dynamic and that I can enjoy it, I dove head first. I started teaching fitness classes and planning workouts for friends because I wanted to share the joy, and help others find a similar joy on their own fitness journey.

2) What is it about Bliss Fit that stands out in this industry?

Bliss Fit offers a holistic approach to wellness. My goal is to focus on the client as the unique individual they are. We do not push any type of brand, products, or even specific workouts on clients because wellness is not a one size fits all. In addition, our goal is to provide a quality experience, not necessarily something that only looks good on Instagram. Lastly, I want people to feel seen and heard during their wellness journey so Bliss Fit offers a very individualized approach with a lot of a la carte options.

3) How do you balance a family/work balance being an entrepreneur and a mom?

It is hard. I am currently snuggling my son as I write this answer! One of my biggest learning curves since starting Bliss Fit was communication. I have learned that it is important for me to be up front and honest with everyone including my family, my contractors, my clients and myself. In addition, I have had to learn how to say no as well as ask for help. I want to do it all but it is not possible and that is okay. One thing I constantly remind myself of is that saying no now, does not mean no forever. Lastly, being a stay at home mom is a lot of work but I am thankful to have the opportunity to do so. This business I created was meant to bring my family more stability while also allowing me to be home and present. This foundational purpose is at the forefront of my mind when deciding on new projects or endeavors. I do not have a perfect working system in place but I have my list of priorities and I have good people who help and support me along the way.

4) What is the part about your business that lights you up the most?

I truly enjoy one-on-one sessions with my clients. I have always been a people person and I really enjoy getting to know others and watching them grow closer to their goals.

5) Do you have any advice/tips for women wanting to start their own business?

You can do it. Truly. I never thought that I could own a business. It seemed like something meant only for a select few elite or business minded individuals. This company was formed out of a passion for helping others on their journey in wellness. Over time I learned a lot of lessons and will continue to learn. With owning a business, you need to be ready to fail and know that failure isn’t a bad word but a growth opportunity. Do not be afraid to start and do not be afraid to fail. Find your passion and your purpose and just start!

6) What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship and starting Bliss Fit?

Covid! I was furloughed from my job and needed work. It started very small with only one virtual client. I realized that it was nice to be running my own work schedule. Then I advertised on my IG (with less than 200 followers!) and I gained some clients that way. Pretty soon I was gaining more traction than I anticipated, and started thinking that perhaps this could be something bigger than my original thought. My hesitation was that I wasn’t sure what I could create that isn’t already out there. I took time to reflect on my own experiences in the fitness industry, the good and the bad. I realized I have been in many situations where I did not feel supported, I felt scrutinized for my body and intimidated. I wanted to create something that was welcoming, safe, educational and fun. I decided to take a leap of faith in 2021 and now run a full fledged women owned business- Bliss Fit LLC.


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