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Boots Scootin' Boogie

Boots have evolved over the years, becoming not just a winter staple but a versatile accessory suitable for every season and occasion. With so many boot styles available for women, it can be overwhelming to select just the right pair. I'll delve into some of the most popular boot styles for women: over-the-knee boots, cowboy boots, mid-calf boots, and booties, and share my favorite picks and where to find them.

Over-the-knee Boots:

How to Wear: Over-the-knee boots exude a sense of luxury and style. They can be both casual and dressy, depending on how they're styled.

  • Casual: Pair with a chunky oversized sweater and leggings or skinny jeans.

  • Dressy: Wear with a mini skirt or a short dress. This elongates the legs and creates a seamless silhouette.

Where to Shop: Brands like Stuart Weitzman (my favorite for this style, but pricey) and ALDO often carry a variety of over-the-knee boots. For a more affordable range, check out ASOS, Anthropologie or Zara.

Pictured above:

Cowboy Boots:

How to Wear: Cowboy boots are no longer reserved for the rodeo. They've become a fashionable statement, combining comfort with flair.

  • Casual: Denim shorts or jeans with a white tee and a flannel shirt screams classic cowboy style.

  • Dressy: A flowy dress, especially with floral patterns, complements the ruggedness of the boots.

Where to Shop: Traditional brands like Tecovas and Allan Boots offer authentic cowboy boots. For more fashion-forward designs, look at brands like Free People, Dolce Vita and even Altard State.

Pictured above:

Mid-Calf Boots:

How to Wear: These boots hit the midpoint of your calf, providing a balance between short booties and long boots.

  • Casual: These are perfect with jeans or a skirt and tights in colder weather. A loose cardigan or jacket can finish off the look.

  • Dressy: A midi dress that hits right above the top of the boot ensures the boot is showcased properly.

Where to Shop: Stores like Clarks, Dr. Martens, and Timberland offer durable mid-calf boots like lug Chelsea boots and combat boots. For trendier versions, fashion retailers such as Nordstrom and Lulu's are places to go.

Pictured above:

Booties (Ankle Boots)

How to Wear: Booties are probably the most versatile boot style, suitable for all seasons.

  • Casual: They're effortlessly chic with rolled-up jeans or a casual dress.

  • Dressy: Opt for heeled booties with a formal dress or skirt. They can also be paired with tailored pants for a sleek look.

Where to Shop: Almost every brand carries booties these days. From luxury brands like Christian Louboutin to affordable ones like Target's in-house brands, there's something for every budget.

Pictured Above:

Booties are definitely my go-to style, and I'm tryyyyyyying to find a pair of cowboy boots that I like (since I live in Texas and all). With any of the above styles, though, you can't go wrong be it casual or dressy! Nordstrom carries numerous brands mentioned above and more, and if you shop the half annual sale you can find some great deals!

Boots aren't just functional; they're a fashion statement. With a variety of styles available, you can find a pair that's suitable for any occasion, whether you're heading to a fancy dinner or taking a stroll in the park. So, get ready to step out in style this season with the perfect pair of boots.


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