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The Well: Health Conscious Dining in Austin, TX

A new culinary destination has emerged, beckoning food enthusiasts and health-conscious diners alike to experience a revolution in upscale dining.

The Well Austin, TX menu items
Photo courtesy of The Well

The Well, with its two exquisite locations on 2nd Street and Bee Cave Road in Westlake, is not just another addition to Austin's vibrant restaurant scene. It's a statement—a commitment to purity, health, and unparalleled taste. The concept of The Well springs from a deep-rooted belief that dining out can be a luxurious experience without compromising on dietary needs or environmental values. This restaurant is an ode to those who seek the extraordinary, offering a gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic menu that dazzles and delights in equal measure.

The Genesis of The Well

The Well's simple yet powerful vision is clear: to create an upscale dining experience that caters to the sophisticated palate, while being inclusive of dietary restrictions and preferences. The founders, inspired by personal experiences and the growing demand for cleaner, healthier eating options, saw an opportunity to fuse gourmet dining with gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic ingredients.

They craft a menu that not only adheres to these criteria but also showcases the rich flavors and possibilities within such a culinary framework. With sustainability and wellness at its core, The Well has set a new benchmark for restaurants, proving that luxury and health can coexist beautifully.

A Menu That Marries Health with Haute Cuisine

The menu at The Well is a testament to the restaurant's ethos, offering a range of dishes that cater to varied tastes and dietary needs without compromising on flavor or presentation.

The Well blends clean ingredients, local and sustainable farming, and authentic flavors for a culinary experience that redefines eating well in Austin, Texas.

The Well Austin, TX
Photo courtesy of The Well

We emphasize the importance of low sugar, healthy fats, and clean oils; only utilizing the highest quality ingredients, and ensuring any produce listed on the “Dirty Dozen” is organically sourced. The entire menu is GLUTEN, SOY, DAIRY, REFINED SUGAR, & PEANUT FREE. The only oils we use are OLIVE, COCONUT, & ZERO ACRE FARMS.

My friends and I went for brunch at the Westlake location. We enjoyed the steak and eggs, steak sandwich, and coconut curry....all delicious! Honestly, everything we saw come out of the kitchen looked mouth watering!

Craft Cocktails with a Twist

No upscale dining experience is complete without a selection of fine beverages, and The Well truly excels in this domain. The craft cocktail menu is designed to complement the food offerings, with each drink being a unique creation that highlights organic spirits and fresh, organic mixers.

One standout is The Elixir which features Dripping Springs vodka, charcoal maple syrup, lemon, apple, ginger, cucumber, cayenne. Enjoy this or many other crafted cocktails, wine/bubbles, or non-alcoholic beverages.

“We believe that everything we put in our bodies is of the utmost importance and drinks are no exception! Our cocktail program focuses on creating a full sensory experience with every sip. Each beverage is created without refined sugars and using only clean spirits.”

Two Homes, One Heart

The Well's dual locations in Austin—on the bustling 2nd Street and the serene Bee Cave Road in Westlake—ensure that no matter where you are in the city, a sublime dining experience is never far away. Each venue reflects The Well's commitment to elegance and sustainability, with interiors that blend modern chic with natural elements to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Whether you're looking for a sophisticated dinner spot or a place to unwind with a signature cocktail, The Well offers a haven of healthful indulgence.

Photos courtesy of The Well

In a city celebrated for its culinary diversity and innovation, The Well stands out as a beacon of health-conscious, upscale dining. It is more than just a restaurant; it is a movement towards a more mindful and inclusive approach to gourmet cuisine. With its commitment to quality, sustainability, and exceptional taste, The Well is not only redefining dining in Austin but also setting a new standard for restaurants everywhere. Whether you're a local or just passing through, a visit to one of The Well's locations promises to be an unforgettable journey of culinary discovery.


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