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Jamsz Konnections - Services for Social Good

Jamsz Konnections is a 501c3 nonprofit company created to offer a new innovative and exciting way of thinking about fundraising and philanthropy. Jamsz Konnections was the featured non-profit at our October Social, and Bobbie so graciously gave her time to sit on our panel of speakers speaking on Unveiling The Authentic You.

The Inspiration Behind Jamsz Konnections

Bobbie James, the Founder and Executive Director was inspired to create Jamsz Konnections because of her desire to serve people.

Throughout her life, she felt a calling to serve. However, it wasn't until she had a health issue of her own that had her take a look at her life where she gained the courage to pursue a dream that was aligned with her heart.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. It didn't take cancer to make her care for others. It just inspired her to eventually take the step towards her dream.

They support our clients and help them manage their events. They also partner with 501c3 nonprofits that are aligned with their mission by coordinating events on their behalf through collaboration and partnership.

What They Do

Jamsz Konnections helps their clients save time, money and the opportunity to have peace of mind and just enjoy their event.

They also have programs to support nonprofits. Through these programs, Jamsz gives valuable time back to the organization so that they can focus on their clients and donors.

Jamsz Konnections program events are targeted for ages 5 and up, all shapes and sizes to participate in some educational, entertaining, healthy, fun and engaging activities. All events are alcohol-free and drug-free.

They offer an experience for individuals who are sober curious and also who are seeking a clean and sober environment to have fun and make connections while making a difference.

"Our events are designed to encourage you to feel good while doing good!"

Mission Moving Forward

Jamsz Konnections bridges the gap between for-profit and nonprofit organizations to connect both to resources and broaden community awareness. They manage and produce events for philanthropic efforts with the goal to utilize their events to benefit under-served and under-resourced small to medium-sized nonprofits at no direct cost to them.

For more information or to get involved, visit

Follow on Instagram: @jamszkonnections

SAVE THE DATE - Let's KICK Cancer - 2023 - November 12, 2023


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