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At the heart of Bee Cave, Texas, lies an establishment dedicated to holistic health and overall well-being. Elite Wellness Chiropractic has a well-established reputation as a pillar of integrative health, serving the community with their comprehensive approach to wellness.

Who is Elite Wellness Chiropractic?

The owner and founder of Elite Wellness Chiropractic is Dr. Cash Lewis.

There are two associates working in the office, Dr. Mikala Booher who has worked at Elite Wellness for a year and a half, and their newest addition, Dr. Jayson Johnson.

Elite Wellness has been open for 13 years in the Bee Cave area.

The Elite Philosophy

Health is your natural state. Incorporating key essentials required for health will allow you to cooperate with natural healing and recuperative powers of your body so that you can stay well.

If you are sick, injured, or in pain, your body is designed to get well. Rather than just treating the symptoms, Elite Wellness will look to address the cause of your problem. This is done by determining which essentials you need to begin removing the interference to health and healing.

While all doctors want their patients to be out of pain, the focus of their care is to correct the cause of problems. They do this through spinal corrective care, which reduces interference to the nervous system and through helping people change their destructive lifestyles. Spinal corrective care is performed through a very specific rehabilitative program of adjustments, stretches, exercises, and spinal supports that are specific to each individual.

The Elite Approach

At Elite Wellness Chiropractic, they specialize in corrective care where patients go through a 3-step process on every visit.

  1. “We start with the three-dimensional biomechanical exam because it helps us identify the underlying root cause of the symptoms. This 3-D biomechanical exam is our secret weapon to identify and then map out a plan for the patient to get better and feel like themselves again, free of anxiety, free of stress, free of pain, and free of inflammation. Because once we’ve identified the cause of the condition, a corrective spinal care program can easily be tailored so you get back to their particular needs and goals.”

  2. “Once the program begins, we start the second element, our LHR2 rehab program. LHR2 stands for low-impact, high-result rehabilitation exercises. And that allows the patient to strengthen the right areas of the body to make long-lasting differences without any impact or damage to the body in the process. We start by warming up the spine in the surrounding structures, sort of like stretching before you sprint, or to get you ready for a gym workout. We prep the spine for the adjustment. And that adjustment is very specific based on their individual body type and joint mechanics that our 3-D biomechanical exam showed us. It allows you to heal faster in a guided format, but it doesn’t actually change the structure of your spine or remap these negative neural pathways. Those have to be done with our third element.”

  3. “Our third element is a neural pathway remapping process. You see, the spinal muscles that support the spinal curves and determine your posture and health, or what is called slow twitch posture muscles. These muscles require isometric exercises to strengthen, and then fix your postural health. They are an essential part of the corrective isometric exercise program. That is why we developed the LHR2. Immediately after an adjustment, we ask the patient to perform isometric postural exercises to remap these negative neural pathways, so they not only hold the adjustment, but the misalignments don’t return as much. Over time we make the proper position, the normal position and they achieve a full rehab effect so the patients can truly heal in a way that lasts. That’s our third element, neural remapping helps correct the body’s ability to heal and hold the final adjustments because it strengthens the muscle at the core of the spine.”

At Elite Wellness Chiropractic, they believe in the power of adjustment and the body’s ability to heal itself. When patients are dealing with acute pain, they offer electrical stimulation in order to block the pain receptors in the brain and bring down inflammation, essentially like a natural Advil.

They also provide therapeutic ultrasound for ligament and/or tendon damage which allows the affected area to heal faster. In addition, they have various supplements in stock in the office including brands such as Thorne, RevoGreen, and more.

Elite Patients

Elite Wellness Chiropractic treats ALL ages! They treat all stages of life, even starting in utero during pregnancy and leading into the first trauma to the body during birth. Getting the little ones checked as soon as possible will help them grow and develop to the best of their ability. It is very important to make sure kids’ spines are healthy when starting to crawl, walk, play sports, sit in a chair all day at school, and even carry a heavy backpack. Going through life without spinal care is like having one car your entire life and never taking it in to get anything tuned up. The doctors here will tune up any person who walks through their doors at Elite Wellness Chiropractic, even into the geriatric years.

Elite Testimonials

“For the last three weeks, I’ve visited Dr. Mikala at Elite Wellness Chiropractic. I thoroughly enjoy their unique approach to treating the whole body. I work in the dental field, yrs of leaning awkwardly have wreaked havoc on my posture. With Dr. Mikala’s help the discomfort my sciatic nerve produced is almost nonexistent, frequent headaches are a thing of the past and last but not least I feel so darn good! I noticed positive results after the fifth visit about a week and a half. The office staff is so welcoming, the hugs are the best.” -Celia

“I have been going to Dr. Mikala for my lower back pain and numbness/ tingling feelings in my toes and fingers. Ever since I started my treatment I have not had any tingling/ numbness and my lower back pain is gone. I can sleep through the night without tossing and turning! All the staff are so kind and genuinely care about you and your health. Annette at the front desk makes you feel like family walking through the door. I can say this is not like any other chiropractor. Elite wellness is hands down the best corrective care I have ever been to!” -Taylor

“Dr. Lewis and his team are amazing. From day one they made me feel like family and showed they cared about my wellness. I had major neck and back pain (sports related) for a few years and had trouble doing normal everyday activities without pain. Since working with Dr. Lewis and trusting the process, the pain has reduced and I’m able to get up without pain. The results have been incredible, no more lower back and neck pain. I would recommend Dr.Lewis to everyone!” -Andrew

“I started visiting Elite about 2 weeks ago. Specifically for my lower back and neck stiffness. I have already seen a huge improvement in my pain since starting. I really appreciate the tedious effort they put into teaching you the flow of the office plus the homework you are responsible for. Lots of great processes to ensure your success and resolve in pain. Highly recommend at the very least getting an evaluation to see what they can potentially do for you. I feel better mentally and physically. Also waking up feeling refreshed is making it all worth it to me.” -Baileigh


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