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In the heart of Austin, Texas, exists a dining institution that has revolutionized the way locals perceive and appreciate pizza. Via 313 Pizza, a Detroit-style pizzeria, has been serving authentic, artisanal slices since its establishment in 2011 and is now one of the city’s go-to culinary hotspots. This beloved restaurant serves up a distinctly different style of pizza, packed with character and dripping with Motor City authenticity.

The Story of Via 313 Pizza

Born out of the creative minds of brothers Brandon and Zane Hunt, Via 313 was inspired by their nostalgia for Detroit’s unique pizza scene, which they missed deeply after relocating to Austin. Named after the area code for their hometown, Via 313 began as a food trailer in an East 6th Street bar parking lot.

The Hunts’ mission was to introduce Austin to the wonders of Detroit-style pizza — a regional variation unknown to most Texans at the time. The brothers worked tirelessly, fine-tuning their recipes until they perfected their vision. Their commitment to authenticity and quality quickly resonated with Austin’s pizza lovers, and it wasn’t long before Via 313 outgrew its food-trailer origins and expanded into brick-and-mortar locations.

What Makes Detroit-Style Pizza Stand Out?

But what exactly is Detroit-style pizza? And what sets it apart from the New York and Neapolitan varieties that pizza enthusiasts are accustomed to? Detroit-style pizza is traditionally baked in a square, deep-dish pan — a nod to the style’s origins in the Motor City’s auto industry, where the pans were originally used as tool trays.

This unique cooking method gives the pizza its trademark crispy edges, while the thick, airy dough maintains a soft and chewy center. Another defining characteristic of Detroit-style pizza is the reverse order of ingredients: toppings are generously scattered over the dough, followed by chunky tomato sauce, with Wisconsin brick cheese laid beneath it all to create a distinctive and flavorful caramelized cheese perimeter.

Signature Menu Items

At Via 313, each pizza is a testament to the brothers’ meticulous devotion to authenticity and quality. Crowd-favorites include “The Detroiter,” a double pepperoni extravaganza featuring both a traditional and a natural casing pepperoni, and “The 500” which offers the delight of soppressata, prosciutto, and a unique arugula post-bake. DO NO SKIP ON a side of ranch!

In addition to pizza, Via 313’s menu showcases appetizers like “Smoky Italian Meatballs,” perfectly seasoned and simmered in house marinara, and the “313 Cheese Bread,” a generous serving of cheesy goodness served with a side of marinara.

Complementing the food, Via 313 offers a curated list of cocktails. The “Detroit Sunset,” a blend of vodka, Aperol, lemon, and egg white, is a hit amongst regulars. For a bolder choice, the “Rye’d or Die” combines rye whiskey, lemon, basil, and balsamic to create a tantalizingly sharp taste.

Catering to Diverse Dietary Needs

Understanding the diverse dietary needs of its customers, Via 313 also serves up gluten-free pizzas, ensuring everyone can indulge in their delectable Detroit-style creations. The gluten-free crust is just as crispy and satisfying as their standard pizza, and it can be substituted in any of their menu offerings


The Via 313 Experience: Locations and Social Media Presence

Today, Via 313 has eight locations across the Greater Austin area: Cedar Park, Round Rock, Bee Cave, Oak Hill, North Campus, W 6th St, Rainey St., and E 6th St. Follow @via313pizza and tempt your tastebuds!


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