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Candles With a Cause

Blow Candle Co., located in Leander, TX, is a unique and inspiring candle and home fragrance company. Their mission is deeply rooted in sustainability and the creation of non-toxic products, ensuring that customers can enjoy their offerings with confidence and happiness. The company prides itself on producing scents that are room-filling yet not overpowering, perfectly complementing every moment.

If ever there were a business that was fully aligned with Ladies Lifestyle Network, this is certainly one of them.

I reached out to the owner, Monique, through Instagram about doing private label candles as part of my corporate gifting for my job as a Director of a medical practice. She and I clicked immediately, and I'm so impressed with her as a human and what she has built.

Blow Candle Co. owner
Monique Parker, Founder and Owner Blow Candle Co.

Blow Candle Co. Mission

Blow Candle Co. is a company on a mission to support and uplift women! A grief hobby turned empowerment project, Blow is carrying on the legacy of their founder's late brother DaVaughn, who’s lifelong duty was to help and encourage others.

They are a company that gives back. For every candle sold, Blow will donate a portion of the proceeds directly to a female owned/founded organization with a mission to support and empower other women. In addition, Blow will use it’s platform to amplify and further the message and work of the organizational partners and other women doing work to help others bloom in the community.

Thy are a company that recognizes the importance of clean, responsibly sourced and sustainable products in your home. Not only do they use a premium, natural coconut wax blend at the base of the candles, they also use phthalate free fragrances and lead/zinc free, cotton braided wicks. All of their vessels are recyclable (the kind of jar you actually want to upcycle!) and the shipping and packaging is all 100% eco-friendly and recyclable as well.

Blow is a company that cares about mental and physical well being. Candles are often used as a tool to set the mood. Whether that be to relax, focus or become inspired, Blow takes immense joy in being a part of any action or ritual that brings you back to self and makes you feel GOOD!

Black, female and mama owned; Blow Candle Co. is rooted in living beyond what's expected and exploring those little ideas that become BIG movements. Monique wants to foster a community that is collaborative, thoughtful, that gives back and is a safe space for ALL women.

Blow Candle Co. Product Offerings

When it comes to their product range, Blow Candle Co. offers a diverse selection. Their collections include "Signature Collection" and "The Essence Collection" which span all scents from floral to warm and spicy. Their product categories extend beyond candles to include reed diffusers, room + linen + body sprays, wax melts, and various gifts and accessories. This variety ensures that there's something for every preference and need.

Blow Candle Workshops

Enjoy an immersive, 1.5hr scent blending and candle pouring adventure where you will have the opportunity to learn more about the science of candle making while also curating your very own custom scent!

Blow Candle Co. Workshop
Blow Candle Co. Workshop

Enjoy light snacks and beverages while you learn the basics of candle making. You'll have the opportunity to sniff and blend your own custom scented, 14oz candle. Perfect for a date night or a girl's night out!

My Custom Experience at Blow Candle Co.

I was greeted by one of the most lovely, bubbly and joyous humans when I walked in. Monique set me up with the various scent category stations, but I quickly honed in on what I love. We tried multiple blends of all of my favorite smells, and finally settled on 2 that intoxicating to me. One is more of a candle scent that I'd burn in my home and that matches pretty much all of my favorite, amber, tobacco, cozy like a sweater feeling. The one that I selected for my corporate gifting is a unique blend of amber noir, santal and coconut, and it is DIVINE!

We then went on. to select the vessel that fits the vibe, and Monique connected me with her design team to create a custom label. I could not have asked for a more personalized and fun experience, and I will absolutely continue to be a customer of Blow Candle Co. I will share a photo of my custom candle once I have it in hand!

Blow Candle Co. is more than just a candle company; it's a creative hub for sustainable, non-toxic home fragrances and a space for community engagement and personal creativity. Through their diverse product range and immersive candle making workshops, they offer a distinctive experience that resonates with their mission of spreading joy and light.


607 Leander Drive

Suite 510

Leander, Tx 78641

FB: Blow Candle Co.



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