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The Bae behind Blowouts & Bubbles

Let's get to know a bit more about Armine Cisneros the founder of Blowouts & Bubbles! She was the Sponsor for our first LLN Social Event on January 24th in Greensboro and I am beyond grateful to know this boss bae. :)

1) Did you always want to be, or see yourself in the hair care/beauty space?

Interestingly, I never imagined myself in the hair care industry. Although, I have always been beauty OBSESSED and a lover of all things girly! I had always planned to be a dentist actually and follow along in my mother’s footsteps, but my life took other turns that led me here and I could not be happier to be in the beauty industry! It is a space that I am so passionate about and truly enjoy having the platform to help women feel their most beautiful! 

2) What specifically about Blowouts & Bubbles sets your business apart in this industry? 

As a long-time consumer of blowouts, I have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly! It is all of these experiences combined that helped me shape Blowouts and Bubbles into the ultimate salon experience. We will never leave you with frizzy, untamed locks as all of our stylists are blowout specialists. We have accommodating hours, and will do whatever we can to meet your scheduling needs! And to top it all off, you will always be offered a complimentary glass of high-quality bubbles! (no headache causing cheap-wine here!).

3) How do you balance a family/work-life as being an entrepreneur, partner, and a mom?

Admittedly, I am still figuring this one out! It helps that my husband is my business partner so we get to spend a lot of time together. Our mornings getting the children ready for school and evenings together winding down for bedtime are precious daily moments. I try to focus and be present by placing my phone on do not disturb during these special times. 

4) What is the part about your business that lights you up the most? 

Women’s reactions when they see themselves with a blowout for the first time! It is such an honor to help women feel beautiful, everyday! 

5) Do you have any advice/tips for women wanting to start their own business?

Nike says it best! ‘JUST DO IT!’ There will never be the perfect time, and there will always be a million reasons not to. But believe in yourself and your vision, surround yourself with people who believe in it too, and everything will fall into place. 

6) What made you take the leap into entrepreneurship and start Blowouts & Bubbles?  

Blowouts and Bubbles was truly born out of necessity. I had moved to Greensboro and was surprised by the lack of dependable places to get a great blowout! Being used to getting my hair done every week back home in South Florida, I knew I had to open a blow dry bar here and bring the concept to the Triad in true Palm Beach fashion! 

Be sure to visit their site to learn more, check appointment availability, and book with them!


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