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Goodbye Burnout,
Hello Balance!

A 6 week course to identify, heal from, and thrive beyond burnout. 

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What to Expect:

Each week we will release a pre-recorded lesson that you can watch at your own pace. In addition to the lesson, you will have a worksheet with journal prompts as well as an assignment to apply in your life.


We know your time is precious and may feel tight, so these weekly exercises are designed to be adaptive to the time windows you have. Whether you can devote one hour per week or one hour per day - you will witness a shift in how you feel. 


In addition to the self-paced lesson, you will have access to 2 live Q&A sessions!

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What will that shift feel like?


Imagine a life without Sunday scaries. A life in which you can embrace rest and relaxation and filling up your cup feels easy. That’s what this course can help you achieve. 


I know how you feel…


Living through a season of burnout can feel debilitating, and I know because I have been there. The deepest stages of burnout are truly exhausting, and you are not alone if you are feeling:


  • like you are just not productive enough, be it because of exhaustion, disorganization or even the feeling of laziness. 

  • fogged by your inability to maintain focus, blaming mom brain or aging.

  • like there is not enough time in the day or week to implement a self care routine, despite how much you crave rest and relaxation. 

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Now is the time to grab the reins in your life and start to heal!


The first step is to identify your burnout, and how it is impacting you. There are 13 different symptoms of burnout, and everyone experiences it differently. During the first week of this course, we will be guiding you through an exercise to help you identify your personal burnout symptoms. 


From there, each week will include a lesson, a set of journal prompts and a suggested assignment to apply what you’ve learned. I am going to cover boundary setting, sustainable self care and healing, along with a roadmap for the future. We will even be discussing the science behind burnout - with a lesson on your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. This course will empower you with the tools to both heal burnout and manage a life without burning out again. 


Life is a roller coaster, and I am here to help you.


Meet Gianna

Community Director of Ladies Lifestyle Network RVA and your Mentor through this program

Hi love! I am Gianna. 


I am a mom, a professional chef, community organizer, brand strategist, fitness instructor, life coach and content creator. While I have reached a season of life that thrives on balance, I have been burned out to the point of physical illness in building the ecosystem of my businesses. 


A common question I get at this time in my life  - how do you have the energy to do it all?


Implementing the practices that I am going to share with you throughout this course is how.  The hustle lifestyle I was leading was toxic for my system, and through some health issues, I was forced to reevaluate what balance was. 


Work hard, play hard no more! 


Get ready to feel a new sense of inspiration and motivation as you heal your nervous system from the damage of burnout.

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The Investment

Pay In Full



A 6 week course to identify, heal from, and thrive beyond burnout

2 Payments



Every month

A 6 week course to identify, heal from, and thrive beyond burnout

*Save $50 by paying in full for the course today!*

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  • In addition to the 6 pre-recorded lessons, there will be 2 LIVE Q&A Sessions with Gianna, and Special Guest and Founder of Ladies Lifestyle Network, Kacey Johnson

  • Book before March 31st and receive a complimentary one-on-one 20 minute mentorship call with Gianna.


Meet our Bonus Guest Expert

Founder of Ladies Lifestyle Network, Kacey Johnson

Kacey is on a mission to inspire women and moms to “go for it". Her motto has always been, “your network is your net worth” and she is a master at cultivating community and supportive women’s environments! She is the founder of Ladies Lifestyle Network and has been in this space for over a decade. Nothing brings her more joy than elevating and highlighting the women around her, and giving them the confidence to share their story.


She has expanded LLN in 9 cities nationwide with more coming soon and recently launched the Latinas Lifestyle Network for the Spanish speaking women’s community of ambitious and like minded Latina women! When she is not writing, hosting her podcast or creating for LLN, you can find her at home with her three children and husband Tyler where they enjoy cooking together & playing in the garden!

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