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Magnetic Mentalities - A Ladies Lifestyle Network Summit!

You know when you meet someone and you are just drawn to them and their vibe? You want to be around them and get to know them because you genuinely enjoy their energy & how they are showing up in the world. Then this leads you to want to learn about what it is they do in business and in life. Well Ladies Lifestyle Network has the event experience for you on February 3rd, 2024 at Tabbris in Charlotte!


LLN presents Magnetic Mentalities - an all day summit featuring the most magnetic & authentic ladies in the community! We are cracking the code on how to crush it in Life AND in Business! These two go hand in hand and if one of those is falling short, you’re not really winning. We want you to WIN WIN WIN in all the things!


You will enjoy an hour in the morning with some coffee, light bites and connecting with some incredible local businesses who are our sponsors.


Then we will begin with a breath work and intention setting practice to get us in the right headspace for our day! Then we will move on to enjoy individual talks, panels, & connection chats with time for Q&A with the best women in our community who are doing the damn thing but not just doing it, they are happy, connected, successful & open to sharing with you all their tips, advice, & steps to true success. 


I don't know about you but it’s not enough for me to just be “successful”, I want to be happy & most of all peaceful in my life AND my work. These women will open your eyes (as well as your heart & mind) to how this is achieved.


Lunch is included & some fun giveaways we’ll announce at the end of the Summit. We’ll start at 9am and wrap up at 3pm, leaving you plenty of time in the evening to go home and reflect on what the day taught you!


Tickets are on sale! Grab them now while you can! 

Summit Schedule

9AM Arrival, check in, coffee, light bites, headshots, connecting w sponsors 


Jai Lyles

Topic: Breath work and intention setting practice 


Dr. Charryse Johnson - Keynote

Topic: Your Presence is your Power


Mimika Cooney & Nichole Eaton - Panel

Topic: Positive Mindset & the Power of Gratitude


Heather DeSantis Holmes - Keynote

Topic: How to be a PR Magnet 


Lunch  & Sponsor connection 


Gina Redzanic - Keynote

Topic: Building Lasting Self Belief


Jess Mollo & Kacey Johnson - Panel

Topic:  Motherhood & Entrepreneurship


Dr. Lisa Folden - Keynote

Topic: Self-Worth & body-image  


Nilou Henderson - Connection Chat

Topic: Entrepreneurship - Showing Up

Magnetically in life & business 


Q&A with all speakers and the audience 


Wrap up - A word from our Sponsors 

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A look into our previous events

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General Admission 




This ticket includes the Summit, Networking Hour & Sponsor Connection, Coffee, Lunch & Q&A session.

Includes everything in GA ticket + Front Row Reserved Seating Lunch with Speakers Swag Bag Two Comped Tickets to any LLN Social event in 2024

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