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Las Vegas, Nevada

Meet the Director


Raquel Siemens

Hello Ladies of Las Vegas who love to network,

I am Coach Raquel originally from the PNW in the Columbia River Gorge…. specifically Hood River, Oregon. My teenage son and I moved to Las Vegas, NV in 2022 and we love the diversity, experiences, and cuisine Vegas has to offer!

Thank you for getting to know me and am thrilled to be the Ladies Lifestyle Network Community Director of Las Vegas, NV.

I am passionate about building community, empowering women, and increasing sales for large and small businesses. In 2024 I want to help as many women as possible increase their income and crush their sales goals.

After 15 years in food/beverage and customer service, I graduated from Columbia Gorge Community College in 2018 with an Associate of Arts Transfer degree with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, leadership, and business. Then during the pandemic of 2019, my career transitioned to remote High Ticket Sales Operations where I fell in love with digital marketing, team building, working remotely, and motivating peers/staff.

My mentor taught me to coach staff to “reach their greatest happiness, (which leads to) greatest performance and greatest pay”; I still hold the belief that it is my responsibility to help others increase their income to increase their quality of life. After that, in October 2022, I was inspired to become a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Hypnotist to best serve staff and clients to reach their peak performance.

My favorite saying has always been “I don’t believe in luck, I believe in preparedness and opportunity”.

Let’s get prepared together and seize the opportunities of 2024! There is a lot of room on top, I can’t wait to celebrate your successes with you.

Coach Raquel 

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