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April Austin Networking Social Recap

A mentor of mine once told me, "The people who are here are the people who are supposed to be here."

Despite numerous outside commitments for many and a major intersection four-way stop light outage, we ended up with the group of women who were supposed to be at our April Austin Networking Social. In a teaching and conversation led by Jodi Filleman. we dove into learning how to tap our inner matrix and increase our emotional IQ.

Our evening up in a round-table conversation, if you will, with women sharing what makes them tick, what shakes them, and how we can all help each other in moving forward. That is a treasure that each of us will cherish.

As always, thank you @austinbeerworks for your hosting a lovely space for us to meet. Thank you Kristin with @sageandbloomstudios for capturing the essence of this lovely evening.

With a few vendors having to reschedule due to scheduling/family/life conflicts, we were able to give our full attention to:

Rad Wellbeing @radwellbeing - A women's holistic and functional wellness practice blending science + soul to radically transform your health.

The House of Amao @thehouseofamao - Luxurious coconut apricot wax candles and fragrances meticulously handcrafted in Austin, TX (I bought 3!)

We also had Mad Science @madscienceatxsa in the house! They were featured in our Summer Camp Guide and were showing off some mad science projects!

We look forward to seeing you back on May 23rd with Dr. Natalie Ledbetter!


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