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SHINE bright
Mentor Mastermind

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Hi friends! I'm so glad you're considering becoming a part of my Mentor Mastermind program, something I've been dreaming about for a long time! 


A little about me: I'm Kacey Johnson and I'm a wife, mother of three kids four years old and under, podcast host and the founder of Ladies Lifestyle Network! I absolutely love empowering & impacting women to help you see & open up to the fact that you are capable of literally anything that you have ever dreamed of. I believe that if you have a dream or an idea about something, it was put in YOUR head for a reason & it is already possible because you have the vision for it. It doesn't matter how unrealistic or "hard" it may seem to realize that dream - that kind of thinking isn't in my world! The hardest part is taking that very next step & that's where I come in! I along with a small group of other ambitious & high achieving ladies will be with you for 8 weeks to move toward making your idea/dream/vision into a reality!  

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In the RISE up and SHINE bright Mentor Mastermind we will meet virtually once a week for 8 weeks with a small group of like minded women in business. This is for you if you are wanting to start a business & don't know where to begin, are in the phase of expanding or wanting to expand your business, if you are wanting more out of your current stage in life &/or business and if you're looking for connection with other women in a similar phase or a little more ahead of you for inspiration & mentorship. 


This container of incredible support, strategy sharing, personal success stories & mentorship will start Monday, March 4th and will continue every Monday for eight weeks starting at 10am. The sessions will go for one hour each week. For some of the sessions I will bring in experts on certain relevant & important topics in my network to share with you & other sessions will involve me personally sharing with the group what has worked for me and what hasn't. We'll also be strategizing with each other on how to get you to where you want to be in your business & life. 

I have been an entrepreneur and growing my network since 2013 & I always feel like I am learning something new, growing more strategically, figuring out better ways & systems and just overall becoming a more well-rounded business owner. I am now ready to help others with this part of being an entrepreneur & cultivate long lasting supportive business bestie relationships amongst us!



$650 - if you pay in full

Or split into 3 payments of $235


You will receive:

  • 8 weeks of live virtual sessions (1 hour each) plus ALL of the recordings of those sessions.

  • Expert sessions on relevant topics such as Branding, Scaling, Social Media, Relationship Building, Mental Barriers, Money Mindset.

  • Two complimentary tickets to all Ladies Lifestyle Network Social events through September, 2024. 

  • Complimentary Swag Bag promotion of your business for any LLN Social Events through 2024 ($35 value each time)

I only have room for 12 women for the launch of this RISE up & SHINE bright  Mentor Mastermind so if this sounds like something you want or need in your life, book your spot now! This is going to be incredible & I know the women who are meant to be in this container will feel the pull & take this next step in creating the life & business you truly want!


Starts Monday, March 4th at 10am EST on Zoom. 

Register now to save your spot! 

Pay in Full



3 Payments



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