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Unveiling the Authentic You

9/20/23, 10:30 PM

The Pershing

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Join us for an inspiring evening filled with stories of strength, courage, and self-discovery, as we explore what it means to be truly authentic in today's world. This panel discussion is exclusively tailored for women, offering a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together.

Unveiling the Authentic You is not just a conversation, but a celebration of the individual journeys women take to discover their true selves. Our all-female panel will delve into personal experiences, the challenges of societal expectations, and the triumphs of breaking free from the mold.

Our distinguished panel of female speakers come from diverse backgrounds and industries.

Anita Lane: After years of being unhappy and unfulfilled with her career, Anita had the opportunity in her late 40's to take a year off to rest and identify what her true purpose and passions were. She will share her professional and personal journey to finding her own authentic self. @corebreakthroughcoaching

Elaine Mingus: Elaine has a message for everyone who ever felt forgotten or broken, a message of hope that everyone has value...but sometimes it takes someone else to find us, dust us off and restore us to wholeness. Her mission is to tell her story, offer practical business advice to entrepreneurs, and encourage everyone to become the person they were always created to be.@elainemingusofficial

Bobbie James: Bobbie, the founder and Executive Director was inspired to create Jamsz Konnections because of her desire to serve people. Throughout her life, she felt a calling to serve. However, it wasn't until she had a health issue of her own that had her take a look at her life where she gained the courage. to pursue a dream that was aligned with her heart. @jamszkonnections

Key Discussion Points:

  • Unmasking the roles we often find ourselves playing.

  • Finding strength in vulnerability.

  • Creating a personal brand that resonates with your true self.

  • Cultivating a support network that encourages authenticity.

  • Balancing professional and personal life while staying true to yourself.

Who Should Attend:

  • Women seeking inspiration and practical advice on personal and professional development.

  • Those interested in women’s mental well-being and self-care.

  • Entrepreneurs, mentors, and leaders who aim to foster an environment that encourages authenticity.

  • aka....EVERYONE

Unveiling the Authentic You is more than an event; it's a movement. Come be a part of this empowering evening, and leave feeling inspired, connected, and more in tune with your authentic self. Join us in embracing who you truly are, and together, let's make a positive change in the world of women!

The evening's featured non-profit will be Jamsz Konnections. We will donate a portion of our ticket sales to this wonderful organization. You can read more about them here:

Enjoy this night to shop with local vendors and enjoy food and beverages available for purchase at the venue. Free parking available in venue lot and surrounding street spots.

Featured Vendors:

Welded Arrow, Julia Crist Photography, Core Breakthrough Coaching, Tess Reuven (Realtor), My Financial Approach, FRVR Photo Booth, Austin Thermography

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